Camfetamine: Research Chemicals Review

Thanks to the great efforts of the scientific community, we are seeing new research chemicals every day. Most of them are created based on an already existing material, which makes all the process quicker and simpler.

The Camfetamine is a classic example of this. It was developed as the N-methyl analogue of the Fencamfamine, which is widely used to treat lack of concentration, daytime fatigue, and lethargy. In this matter, this stimulant has been highly successful.

Now, the new version wants to be an improved dopamine reuptake inhibitor. The whole industry and the recreational drug users have seen with good eyes the Camfetamine due its good response in the organism and minor side effects.

The dosage range, according to the community, goes from 50 to 250 mg. The medical experts think that people with circulation problems, heart diseases, hyper-excitability, glaucoma, or other related conditions, must avoid this substance.

According to Smokeys Chem Site, a leading online supplier for people looking at research chemicals buy, reported that the main use of this substance in the condition of recreational drug is the notable improvement in mental alertness. People with the need of achieving peak mental focus can take advantage of the Camfetamine with moderate doses.

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